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Smarter Expense Management 

Manufacturing isn’t like other types of businesses. Retailers sell stock and service companies sell their time, but only manufacturers create new products from scratch. This can lead to expense problems, with businesses having to account for raw materials and processing costs, but also work out the value of the finished items created. 

Manufacturers are no strangers to embracing the digital age. In fact, the industry has been on a journey of excellence for the last 30 years. However, when it comes to expense management, paper-based systems are still very prevalent. Without embracing innovative expense management software, companies will not be prepared for the uncertain economic times. 

With digitization being an ongoing journey that companies are embracing, the right expense software will give a fresh, valuable perspective on the way your business is running. Look on it as a tool for analysing and refining the way you do business. 

That is where Webexpenses comes in to help, with our No.1 expense management software in the Manufacturing industry. We are a specialist provider of SaaS cloud-based expense management that helps companies like yours to automate and streamline the accounts payable process. 




Expense Management and Automatic Credit Card Reconciliation 

Intelligent receipt matching automatically pairs receipts to their correct credit card transactions. Partnered with the ability to streamline out-of-pocket, prepaid cards and petty cash management, we help clients to save time and money, increase compliance and gain strategic oversight of their spending.

Expense Management


Integrate with your existing ERP for better workflow, visibility, and policy reinforcement for approvers. Snap a receipt and the Google-powered OCR receipt scanner auto-builds claims in seconds with the user-friendly expense app.

Corporate Travel


This easy-to-use business travel tool provides corporate booking and travel management online with industry-leading AI, airline discounts, missed travel recouping, and 24-hour support. Plus, no hidden fees.

Invoice Processing


Automate your Accounts Payable process to eliminate paper-chase and manual data entry. Accelerate invoice approvals and gain greater control with increased visibility over the life cycle of your supplier invoices.

Business Payments


This extended features provides an online transaction and reimbursement platform. You can send, receive, and request funds securely with the click of a mouse on a network trusted by over 100,000 businesses worldwide.

Expense Auditing


An additional safeguard to the expense software's automatic compliance and duplication checks. This extended service ensures compliance, eliminates fraud, decreases overpay, and identifies tax credit opportunities.

Manufacturing Benefits Overview 

The Customer Benefits Overview outlines our core offering and key customer outcomes we deliver.

Manufacturing & Webexpenses

The document provides an overview and a deeper insight into the value of Webexpenses expense management solution.

Manufacturing Clients Case Studies

IOP is a global leader in providing publishing opportunities for scientific research and studies, stretching across the entire industry. With such a presence, they felt it was time to update their expenses process to best match the needs and requirements of their employees to ensure internal expense management was as streamlined as their publishing offerings.

Read more about how Webexpenses has helped manage their expenses for the past three years.

Tom and james logo

Since coming to market in 1966, Tom James has continued to deliver an outstanding tailoring and retail service of bespoke, custom-made suits. However, their internal expenses system was not so tailored, and threads were quickly falling apart at the seam.

We had a chance to speak to Simon Herring, Finance Controller for Tom James about how they were managing their expenses before, and how Webexpenses has since helped. Read full case study here. 

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