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Allpress Espresso spill the beans on their new expense management

When Allpress Espresso decided it was time to brew up a better expense management system - they turned to Webexpenses.

Allpress Espresso is a leading coffee roaster and ‘espresso specialist’ business founded by Michael Allpress in New Zealand in 1989.

The company now proudly works with over 1,000 independent cafés around the world - with a key focus on the Australian, UK, and Japanese markets - coming a long way from roasting coffee in a garage in Auckland City!

As well as ensuring they're the best providers of the 'pick me up' drink, they also take great care in making sure their employees are well looked after. This includes providing them with a simple and efficient way to submit and manage their out-of-office expense claims.

Slow, manual expense management

Before switching to webexpenses, an award winning expense management software, they had used a slow and manual process for submitting and approving employee expenses. A spokesperson for Allpress Espresso said:

Our claimants had a real challenge ensuring they had all their receipts in order to put forward their expense claims. We have multiple offices and cafés across Australia and around the world, for this reason our teams would need to travel in between branches, make out of pocket expenses or use their company credit card. Trying to get expenses approved was also a problem with many of the approvers being on the road.

The company started searching for simpler and more streamlined ways to manage business expenses. As a growing business, they needed a scalable expense management software  that could grow and evolve with their organisation.

They also needed something that was easy-to-use for employees, as well as providing the best possible customer support to cope with any potential problems… both of which we at webexpenses could offer.

Fast, simple and scalable

The move to a cloud-based expense management software meant that employees would now be able to use the webexpenses’ expenses app to quickly submit and manage expense claims on the go.

The recent addition of ACR (Automatic Character Recognition) scanning to the mobile app allows a paper receipt to be converted into a digital expense claim in less than 20 seconds.

Our team members love that they can take a picture of their receipt in the moment and upload it straight into the webexpenses app to start building their claim.This saves them so much time. It has also reduced the time our finance team spends on the expenses process. Approvers can easily approve or reject claims which leaves them only needing to check and give final sign off before payments are made.

As well as streamlining the whole process, the switch to an automated expense management software has significantly improved management visibility for the finance team.

Integrated expense reporting tools provide easy access to a wealth of accurate data on every aspect of an expenses operation, allowing expense reports, for example, to be generated in minutes.

Fancy french pressing your current expense management for a much smoother experience? Feel free to contact us for more information, or request a free demo.