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Webexpenses campaign to spread some workplace ‘appiness

We love our smartphones. We use mobile apps for just about everything in our lives - entertainment, news, socialising…even for finding love.

We use them because they’re fun and easy to use; they’re powerful and adaptable and they make our lives that little bit easier.

But the strange thing about our use of mobiles is that the one place those benefits are not yet being maximised is in our workplaces.

It’s something webexpenses has been exploring as part of a campaign to launch the latest version of our app.

We wanted to look at how the use of mobile apps in our personal lives compares to the way they’re being used for business purposes.

What we found was a significant generation gap within the UK workforce with younger employees almost twice as likely to be using apps at work than older colleagues.

The survey showed that 72 percent of 16-24 year-olds regularly use apps for work purposes but only 39 percent of those employees aged 55 and above.

The results showed how integral mobile devices have become for this digital generation. They were asked if they they would sacrifice anything for a year in order to keep their mobile apps.

For 38 percent, they would rather go without alcohol for 12 months than lose their apps, and 16 percent said they would even forgo sex!

Positive Impact

Michael Richards, Chairman of webexpenses, said:

"The findings from our research are interesting as they highlight the positive and helpful impact mobile apps are having on people's lives and the 'Appiness Effect which is taking place.”

The survey found that companies moving towards mobile forms of working were experiencing significant practical benefits - enabling a smarter and happier workforce.

One in four respondents estimated that they saved up to two hours each week through the use of work apps with up to £500 company saving per employee.

The most common uses for apps at work included the management of expenses, task management and currency conversion applications.

Webexpenses App

The webexpenses app is helping more companies to experience the benefits of mobile working. It lets users easily manage their expenses from any handheld device.

We have used the valuable feedback from our clients and users to improve the look and feel of the app. Along with with the sleek new UI there’s also added functionality with:

  • Cloud-based receipt repository
  • End-to-end mobile submission
  • Email receipts functionality
  • New drag-and-drop functionality
  • Duplicate claim warnings
  • Custom reports to suit your needs

Find out more about the features. Download our white paper 'The Business Benefits of Mobile Apps'.