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Webexpenses celebrates opening of its US office

Content from our United States office from our US office

These are exciting times for webexpenses as we open our first office in the US. It’s just the latest stage in the company’s journey to being a truly global business.

Alongside the existing UK and Australian offices, the company now has a base in three different continents. And it was Austin, Texas we chose to be the home for our North American operations.

It was a tough choice to make, with a shortlist of bustling US cities to choose from, but the Texas state capital emerged as the clear winner. It was thanks to Austin’s entrepreneurial spirit, its business-friendly infrastructure and the warmth of the welcome in the Lone Star state.

And to help get a feel for the kind of challenges that are faced by businesses throughout the US, we started to look into the nation’s expense and business travel facts and figures.

It uncovered some amazing nuggets of information. Such as:

  • Why former US President George Washington is regarded as an expenses guru
  • The person who claimed the world’s first intergalactic travel claim
  • The longest route that US road warriors can pit themselves against
  • The most expensive city in America for business travellers

You can find all the answers behind these facts and lots more in our Business Travel Map of America infographic.

It’s a fun way to highlight the sheer scale and diversity of the nation. And it’s that size and complexity that can make keeping control of costs a daunting prospect when it comes controlling employee expenses.

It’s giving companies the tools they need to easily control these costs which is the key to the success of Webexpenses. The powerful system removes the need for paperwork with a smartphone app used to convert any paper receipts into a digital form.

The app also allows road journeys to be tracked via GPS, providing finance teams with the exact distance and route of any business journey being claimed for. It means no more relying on employees’ mileage ‘guesstimates’.

With fast and automated processing, simple reporting and real-time updates, businesses of all sizes are now able to easily handle a more efficient accountable expenses set-up.

You can find out the benefits of switching to Webexpenses for yourself by signing up for a free demo.