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Webexpenses Credit Card Reconciliation for Finance teams

By Natalie Stephenson-Wood | 13th December 2021

Webexpenses’ Credit Card Reconciliation feature is a powerful tool made specifically for Finance Teams. The Credit Card Reconciliation setup allows a Finance Team to: Save significant time processing claims Speed up month-end processes Gain full visibility on claim status levels Directly chase outstanding claims In this video, Webexpenses’ Senior Account Management Team will guide you…

Platform refresher: Capture and submit credit card spend

By Natalie Stephenson-Wood | 10th November 2021

The Webexpenses App makes it easier for users to submit credit card claims on the go. With the app, users will be able to: snap a picture of their receipt; upload it to the system; match it to a credit card claim, and submit it for approval. Features included in the video are: 0:26 –…

Platform refresher: How to calculate business mileage

By Natalie Stephenson-Wood | 18th October 2021

Calculate and submit accurate mileage claims through the Webexpenses App. Webexpenses’ mileage feature allows you to enter your to and from destination and automatically pull through the fastest route. If an alternative journey has been taken, you can simply drag the pointer to match your route. Watch our short video for a step-by-step demonstration of…

How to choose and implement the right automated AP solution

By Hayley Parks | 23rd August 2021

The world of Accounts Payable is changing. The 2020 pandemic saw 88% of global businesses having to rapidly shift their teams over to remote work operations. It required finance leaders to take a fresh look at the tools and processes they’re using to manage and control finances – including the crucial roles of invoice processing…

Platform update: How to use Webexpenses reporting suite

By Natalie Stephenson-Wood | 16th August 2021

A new feature in 2021, our expense system’s reporting dashboard helps admins easily gain visibility on their expense data. Watch our short video and discover five easy ways of using Webexpenses’ reporting suite to help manage and improve company spend: 0:24 Custom Reporting 0:54 Report Settings and Criteria 1:38 Receipt Downloads 2:24 Mileage Reporting 3:12…

Platform Refresher: Expense system overview for users

By Natalie Stephenson-Wood | 23rd June 2021

May 2021 saw mileage claims pick up by 356% compared to May 2020. In light of businesses returning to travel and travel claims increasing, we asked our users what Webexpenses features they’d like to cover. In the platform refresher video for users, you will be guided through the below features: 2:39 Pairing your mobile device…

Digital Transformation Business Survey: COVID-19 Technology Report

By Hayley Parks | 3rd September 2020

Digital transformation in the workplace spikes in wake of pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges worldwide across social, economical, environmental, and political factors. No one could have predicted the devastating scale of impact it would have on every single part of society. The business world is no different and has not escaped widespread…

Global Report: Accounts Payable Automation Trends

By Justin Atkins | 13th February 2020

Webexpenses sponsored the 2019 Automation Trends Survey in partnership with The Association of Certified Accounts Payable Professionals (ACAPP).  For any business, time is a valuable resource that cannot be replaced. Learn how an automated AP process can save your business time and money while streamlining the entire workflow through a study Webexpenses recently conducted.  In…

Mobile working

By Hayley Parks | 26th August 2019

Is the fear of change holding back UK businesses? Webexpenses’ independent survey, conducted in 2013,  shows that despite accepting the many benefits, employers still have a negative view towards mobile working. Are these attitudes to blame for UK companies missing out on the huge advantages offered by cloud-based working?    

Infographic: Are Brits too polite when it comes to business?

By Hayley Parks | 26th August 2019

The British have a proud reputation for being polite. But how does this affect the way we do business? Could not ‘causing a fuss’ be causing our companies to lose money? Webexpenses set out to find the answer. We commissioned a survey of 1,047 office-based managers based at companies throughout the UK.