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Why Scottish Swimming Chose Our Software

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Scottish swimming decided it was time to stop sculling and start swimming towards better expense management.

One of the primary roles carried out by Scottish Swimming is to help improve the performance and results of the nation’s swimmers.

An evolving performance programme and constant development of coaching standards provide the framework needed to produce world-class athletes.

As a national governing body, there would come times that they would feel obliged to assess their own performance and identify ways that could continuously strengthen and improve the way in which the organisation operates.

With many staff having to travel throughout the majority of their role, one of the key areas they felt needed improvement was the way in which they managed and tracked mileage expenses.

Like many organisations, this was something which was being handled manually - with paper receipts being attached to claim forms and details being entered into a spreadsheet.

Search for a smarter system

This protocol leads to a slow and long-winded process which required a considerable amount of administrative time and resources each month.

To improve their expense management operations, they started to look for a cloud-based system which would allow manual tasks to be automated - providing a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

The criteria for a provider included:

The solution they opted for was Webexpenses.

Before making the decision, Scottish Swimming liaised with an existing Webexpenses’ sporting client, Munster Rugby, to make sure they were making the right choice.

Webexpenses worked alongside Scottish Swimming to ensure a smooth transition was made whilst moving from the old to the new system.

Benefits of automated expenses

The switchover meant that staff were now able to use the mobile app to convert any paper receipts into a digital format, using OCR (optical character recognition) scanning.

Road mileage can be accurately recorded with instant recognition of travel destinations and automated point-to-point mileage calculations.

Along with support for the top-level performance of Scottish swimmers, the organisation has a wider remit to help promote participation in the sport for leisure, health and fun.

To support this, they work to improve the swimming infrastructure throughout Scotland with the ongoing development of clubs, volunteers, teachers and community partnerships.

Follow the link for case study exploring why Scottish Swimming opted for Webexpenses to manage their expenses.