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VTCT – saving time and improving efficiency with webexpenses

Content from our United Kingdom office from our UK office

VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) are a Government-approved awarding organisation, with a focus on the advancement of education.

After manually processing an average of 200 claims a month, VTCT were keen and extremely motivated to find an easier, more efficient and time-saving solution to deal with their expenses claims, and found that webexpenses was the solution to the problems they had been facing.

The primary focus for the finance team was achieving ease of use for the end user, allowing all employees to quickly pick up the new processes at the same time as providing a simple, cost-effective and flexible solution that could be tailored to suit the needs of the company.

Talking about the improvements webexpenses has made to the company’s processes, Karla Clements, Financial Controller said,

“We used to spend three to four days getting everything in, checked and then approved. This takes half a day to get everything done and dusted, so it’s saved a lot of time for the accounts team.”

VTCT use a lot of Contractors for their events and exhibitions, whose claims could easily be submitted via the app, and processed quickly as well as other claims that no longer required authorisation to be checked, due to the customised policy in place with webexpenses, tailored to VTCT’s requirements.

Dan Underwood, Chief Financial Officer said,

“From a day-to-day Purchases Ledger perspective, it’s saving lots of time because they’re not now having to go through all those paper-based claims and checking authorisation. Webexpenses checks against policy for us and flags up exceptions where a claim is outside of policy, so it really speeds up that process.”

VTCT have found their workload in managing expenses has been greatly reduced since the introduction of webexpenses. It didn’t take long for everyone to quickly pick up the system and with the additions of a great online support team, the mobile app and the extensive reporting functionality webexpenses offers to be invaluable.

“It’s important for us to be able to solve a problem quickly, so the online support and the speediness of their responses is key for us”  Karla continued.

If you would like to find out more about just how webexpenses is saving time and improving efficiency for VTCT, then you can watch the full video below:

See how webexpenses can help you to revolutionise your expenses management system, by arranging a demo today! Please contact us on or call 0800 711 7137.

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