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Australia’s growing businesses lead trend towards mobile apps

Content from our Australia office from our Australia office

Nearly three-quarters of growing businesses in Australia are now using mobile and cloud-based applications; 74% of small businesses use mobile technology to help improve efficiency and cut costs.  This compares to 71% in the UK and just 59% in the US.

The main reason Australian companies gave for using apps was to reduce costs and manage expenses (44%). For 33% it was a way to boost competitiveness and 31%, to recruit better employees.

The research, commissioned by Intuit QuickBooks, found the main barrier preventing more companies from using mobile apps was the number of options available, and not knowing the best fit for their business.

It’s thanks to cloud technology and the power of today’s smartphones that businesses have embraced the benefits of mobile working. Apps allow employees to remain productive and connected from wherever they have an online connection.

Controlling Costs with Mobile Apps

Expenses management is one area to have been transformed by the use of cloud-based services and smartphone apps. A system such as Webexpenses allows employees to instantly convert paper receipts into a digital form.

The move to digital means the slow and inefficient manual processing of expenses claims can be replaced by a fast and automated system. It allows companies to improve efficiency and reduce losses from fraud and user error.

But the move to mobile is not just driven by business owners, it’s also something that’s being pushed for by employees. A 2015 study, carried out by Censuswide, found a link between the use of mobile apps and workplace happiness.

Employees, particularly those under the age of 24, expressed a sense of frustration with employers who prevented them from using mobile technology.

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